The Self-Love series


/ˈˌself ˈləv/


  1. regard for one's own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).


Bridget Botchway

Documentary Filmmaker/ Producer

"I practice self-care and maintenance; mud masks, at-home spa treatments, etc. My self-love also involves alone time, a time to be still with my thoughts and feed myself positive statements. My upcoming documentary, The New Love Culture is the embodiment of love and communication for us all. I want to bring real love practices back into our consciousness and in turn create true connections within humanity regardless of background orientation or otherwise."


Samantha Jo

Visual Artist and Event Curator

"For self-love, I practice mindfulness, take hot showers, listen to music, and give myself positive affirmations. My work is built on affirmations; I hide quotes in my art. I also hand people positive affirmations at my events. I think everyone deserves to smile and feel good. In an environment where we are being over stimulated, it's good to bring it back to yourself with a positive present feeling."


DJ Rae Chardonnay


"I care for my own hair, cook, and disconnect when I deem it necessary. My self-love practices allow me to enter spaces with an open mind."



Nick Alder

Founder of Black Girl Fly Mag & Co-Founder - Party Noire

"I practice self love by cultivating communities. Whether digital or physical. I get life from creating spaces for Black women to connect. I enjoy meeting creatives and sharing ideas, resources + space.

 These practices manifest themselves through the love and energy we put in curating these spaces of acceptance, love, and black joy.  All are welcome to express themselves and be who they are without fear of judgment."


Chelsey Sinceŕray

Documentary Creative, Executive Director and Producer of The INVISIBLE Production

"I use my Soundcloud and Apple Music playlists, dancing, and meditation to practice self-love. I allow the vibrations and energy of music and self-reflection to apply to my next move when planning and working creatively. I believe that keeping an open mind and letting ideas flow naturally towards what can add to what I'm creating as an artist will open new doors to something greater."


Gem Tree

Vocalist, Songwriter, Dancer/Choreographer


"Nature is very healing and calming for me. While it's cold out, the next best thing to the feeling of the soil is my wood floors. Under the sun shining through the big window in my living room I enjoy to be in silence, literally and mentally. A variety of herbs and wax burning adds to the mood. I like to sit and count my blessing and dedicate my mind to everything good and prosperous. When I'm in that space I feel pure and my best lyrics/songs/choreography flow out of me. 

The results manifestthemselves through calming me down and allowing me to spread my message and love to audiences in hopes to foster a pay it forward-esque movement of spreading love."


Jovan Landry

Filmmaker, Photographer, Emcee

"Being alone. It allows me to focus and be my most creative. I encourage everyone to have a day to themselves."


Schenay Mosley

Singer, Musician, Producer

"If my energy is felling off I burn sage and set intentions throughout my house. I them pray, meditate and talk to my inner God about what's affecting me and listen for a solution. I also create music to soothe my spirit and uplift me in any way. This affects my art by embedding it with love and positive energy. I want to create music that uplifts people and makes them feel good and I feel we need more of that in our communities. So I just plant the seed and watch it grow."




"I practice self-love through lyrics, and expressing emotion through my music. My music comes off as very sensual, sexy and transparent.

When it comes to how this manifests through my art to benefit the community, as far as my music is concerned, it starts on the inside, because that’s where self-love comes from. Allowing others to be transparent with themselves, and get in touch with emotions they wouldn’t necessarily feel without music."


Kirstin B.


"I Laugh and curate intimate spaces with people I love and care about. My self-love practice manifests through my visual art. It spills from the soul to my hands, affirming L’s (lessons) experienced."


Victoria Jones


"Prayer and tons of dancing in the mirror.

My self-love practice benefits my craft and the community because God is love and that's what I want to exude, encourage and invite."


Loona Dae

Singer/Songwriter, Producer

"My self-love practices consist of hot baths or showers, washing my hair, writing (songs and free writes/journaling) and speaking affirmations to myself in the mirror. 

These practices heavily affect my art because most times, it takes self-motivation, dedication and freedom within and outside myself to create. Creating is like navigating the universe-I must flow like water & have no expectation for outcome. Simply being an example of this deeply impacts my community. It's important that I'm mentally healthy and clear minded to be a positive reinforcement in my community. Positive reinforcement and sensibility is needed within communities on a regular basis and my daily encounters with people may be the smallest of impacts but the biggest on my part."


Keya “Gifted Keys” Trammell

Vocalist/ Songwriter/ Make-up Artist/ Poet

“We all have a gift but must find the keys within ourselves to unlock them.” Keya Trammell

"I free myself through make-up artistry, music, dance, laughter, acceptance of self and poetry.

Having Alopecia used to be my hidden factor, but now its become my greatest light. Not only for me, but for the people who experience my story through my many freedom holders. I found that my disease has released CONFIDENCE to people of all ethnicities, sex, and shapes. As I reveal myself, people aren’t afraid to be transparent in their insecurities. As I exude love on myself, people somehow discover love within themselves. It’s the very reason of my existence.

To encourage love of self."


Sydney Lomax

Artist - Filmmaker - Director - Video Editor - Photographer - Visual Artist - Curator - Food Enthusiast - Entrepreneur - Ambassador/ Staff Photographer for Diary of

"My self-love practice consists of making sure I am physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong. Things like meditating and yoga to doing a full body stretch when I wake up. Drinking lots of water and smiling. Strategically planning and working towards my goals. Being aware, taking deep breathes, and most importantly being grateful for what I have. All of these actions among others are what keep me motivated. This practice constantly grows and evolves, because I learn something new about myself everyday.

I believe that art is a catalyst for human connection, through curiosity and interest of exploring different cultures. Just by sharing your story, using the gifts and talents you have could help a community. Artists have the ability to create and inspire the world, if not a single human being. I love myself so I can keep living. "