This is part one of a series showcasing the isolation and loneliness attached to living in White America as a Black woman. The first episode explores the bleak effects of unconsciously being white washed; feeling the subtle pressure to conform and experiencing the slow erasure of culture---but most importantly being silenced. It's a constant tug-of-war of loving self while you are taught to self hate; a gritty, raw, depiction of the emptiness you feel from being enthralled in whiteness. DP: Kalyn Jacobs Editor: Gavin Tao MUA: Erica Martens Sound Bites: Sista Soulja Interview Location: Studio 408, Josue Pellot

"Here's To" by Gem Tree          Director/DP: Kalyn Jacobs                           Editor: Jovan Landry (#OneThirdFilmmaker) 

I shot and edited this video for my Boss's blog.

Promo video for the 3rd episode of The Goodz

A second promo video of the London Lee collection I did for my job

I created visuals for The Technique Gems, one of Chicago's All-Star Cheerleading teams.

A promo video I created for one of Le Fashion Maison's clients, St. Frimpong.

London Lee is one of the clothing lines designed under Le Fashion Maison.

I produce photo and video content for Le Fashion Maison. Here is the first video promo, watch the full video at .

I produce video content for a live performance and art event in the South Loop of Chicago. Check out the full episode here

Promo video for Prolific Goodz, a live performance and art event every third Thursday in Chicago, that I shot and edited.

One of my latest projects working as the Director of Photography. It was a lot of fun working with Filmmaker Malon Murphy! Definitely looking forward to another project with her!

With the help of students, faculty, staff, and the D.C community we were able to show the world that Howard University is definitely happy! Thank you Pharrell Williams for inspiring the movement #happyprojecthu #howarduniversity Watch in highest quality(720p) for best picture :)

The Howard University Campus Queens sponsored an event with a couple other orginizations on campus for local high school girls. They were surprised with a free thrift shop shopping spree from girls all over campus donating clothes. 

Creative Minds In Toronto short film competition. Our film took home Best Film, Best Cinematagrapher, Best Producer, and Best Actress.

Bluecentric Productions. Beautiful Textures' New York Fashion Week Adventure. New York Fall Fashion Week 2012. I contributed in videography and editing.